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Which ISO certification does KeyPact have?
KeyPact is
ISO 9001
ISO 27001
ISO 27018
NEN 7510 certified.
How to share a file?
  1. Download the KeyPact software
  2. Create an account
  3. Make a connection to somebody
  4. Share your encrypted file
What is KeyPact?
With KeyPact you can share files, photos and videos with the whole world very securely in a new way. We've made it so secure that no one can see what you're sharing or with whom.
What does KeyPact do?
Encrypt files, photos and videos for safe storage or sharing.
Who is KeyPact for?
KeyPact is a young company that goes just that little bit further than other companies. No one has to worry about their files, photos and videos anymore. All your data well protected!
Why was KeyPact developed?
Since we share a lot of files, photos and videos ourselves, we wanted a system that could do this very safely. We have used our knowledge and expertise to develop KeyPact into the safest way to share.
Is KeyPact easy to use?
We have developed KeyPact in such a way that it can be used from the age of 12. And even people over 65 work with KeyPact.
Do you register data?
Yes, only the email address with which you register
Which subscriptions are there?
Have a look at our price table. We have subscriptions from free till $150+
What kind of files can I share?
You can send any files out there. Opening files will have to be (download) on your computer. There are a number of files that can be opened from KeyPact. This is done by means of a preview. These files are deleted from your computer every 30 minutes or when you log out.
Maximum file size?
At the moment you can send files of up to 128 MB with KeyPact. You can send a 128 MB file to a group with 10-20-30 or more users in a KeyPact group.
Can i upload multiple files?
Yes, you can upload multiple files at once and share them with multiple KeyPact users
Does KeyPact have a limit?
We have no limit in users. At the moment there is a limit on the file size. This is a maximum of 128 MB.
Do i need to register?
Yes you must register with a valid email address. You can also enter whatever you want as a name. After registration you will not be listed in the public telephone directory. You have to tick a button to be visible to other KeyPact users
Which systems does KeyPact work with?
At this moment, we have a windows and a mac version. In Q1 we also have a IOS and Android app available. 
Does KeyPact work without internet?
Because the storage takes place on our server, you need internet to access your files.
Can you edit files with KeyPact?
At the moment you cannot edit files in KeyPact yet. We are developing this.
Can you open files in KeyPact?
At this moment you cannot open files in KeyPact yet. We are developing this. At this point it will be previewed on your computer. If you want to edit your file, you will need to download it to your computer.
Can i create a group in KeyPact?
Yes you can create groups in KeyPact to share files. The connections in your group cannot see that they are in a group and / or with whom. This in connection with privacy.
How do I share a file with someone?
This can be done in 2 ways:
1. You select a file, photo or video in the software. You will find the select button in your File Explorer.
2. You go to the file you want to share, click your right mouse button and select "share with KeyPact". If you are not yet logged into KeyPact, you will get your login screen. Once you are logged in, select who you want to share the file with and it will be encrypted and shared. With option 2 you do not have to open the software. Just 1 click on your right mouse button.
Why do i need storage?
All your files are stored on our servers. Before they are saved, your computer encrypts the file, photo or video. Nice and safe. After this you can easily share them but also retrieve them.
Can i revoke a file?
You can get back any file, photo or video that you share tru KeyPact with someone. We call this Revoke.
Can I share a file outside of KeyPact?
At the moment you cannot share anything outside of KeyPact. This is because then we can guarantee that it is safe. An app will be released soon that will make sharing and receiving even easier.
How much storage can I get?
As much as you need. Our standard KeyPact packages are:
5, 10, 20, 40, 75, 100, 250, 500 GB or 1TB
Need more storage? Send us an email with your request.
How do I search for another KeyPact user?
In the public address guide you can look up contacts and send a connection request. Can't find your contact? Then he / she may not have checked the box to be visible in the public address guide.


How does end 2 end encryption work?
Working of KeyPact End to End Encryption:
  • It uses asymmetric encryption technique for data communication between sender and receiver
  • Sender pulls down receiver’s public key from the server
  • Sender then encrypts the messages to be sent using the public key of receiver
  • Sender then send the encrypted messages to the server
  • Receiver then receives the encrypted messages from the server
  • Receiver then using its private key decrypt the messages
  • Receiver the reads the messages
When you use E2EE to share a file, photo or video to someone, no one monitoring the network can see the content of your message — not hackers, not the government, and not even the company (e.g., KeyPact) that facilitates your communication. 
Is every file protected with E2E encryption?
Each file has its own unique KeyPact 128bits AES key. So at KeyPact every file, photo or video you share, is protected by end to end encryption.
What kind of encryption does KeyPact use?
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences. We like what we do.

What are encryption keys?

In cryptography, an encryption key is a string of characters used in combination with an algorithm to transform plaintext (unencrypted data) into ciphertext (encrypted data) and vice versa for decryption algorithms. It alters data so that it appears random and "locks" it so that only the corresponding key can decrypt it. Keys can also specify transformations in other algorithms, such as digital signature schemes and message authentication codes. An encryption key is also simply referred to as a key.
A key is used to encrypt, decrypt, or carry out both functions based on the encryption software used. The longer a key is, the harder it is to crack the encryption code. Eighty bits is considered the minimum key length for sufficient security;128-bit keys are the most common key length and are considered very strong. 

Where are the encryption keys stored?
Your ‘master’ KeyPact keys are unique keys and created on your computer and never shared with KeyPact. Every time you share a document, a new key is created to encrypt the data. Every document, every photo and every video have its own encryption key! Where others keep your ‘master’ key's on their servers, at KeyPact your keys remains on your computer. We are technically never able to decrypt your data, even if we wanted or have to.
Does KeyPact store my key?
Your ‘master’ KeyPact keys are unique keys and created on your computer and never shared with KeyPact!
What is a private key?
A private key, also known as a secret key, is a variable in cryptography that is used with an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt code. Secret keys are generated on your computer, making it highly secure. Private keys play an important role in symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography and cryptocurrencies.
What is a public key?
The public key is published for all the world to see. Public keys are created using a complex asymmetric algorithm to pair them with an associated private key.

What if I lose my encryption key?

You can download and save your KeyPact public and private key. We recommend that you store it in a safe place. If you have lost 1 of these two keys, you can decrypt your files using your backup. If you have not saved them and you have lost them, you can no longer open your files. We at KeyPact cannot do that for you either.
What if I lose my Password?
When you have lost your password, you can no longer log in at KeyPact. This means that you can never access your files again. We at KeyPact cannot do this either. So remember your password well


Do i need to sign up with my real name?
No. At KeyPact we don't need your real name. But be aware that anyone you share files with can see your name.
Why do you need my email address?
We need to link your KeyPact ID to something. This allows us to register payments and link the associated storage
What is a verified user?
We want to make it possible to validate identities of persons and / or companies that are using KeyPact. This way your connections know for sure that they share your files, photos or videos. For companies it is extra nice that their customers know that they are sharing with the right company. After validation you will receive a green shield in front of your name, so that everyone can see that your identity has been validated by KeyPact.
Is there also a business account?
At the moment there is no distinction between a personal KeyPact account and a business KeyPact account. This will be developed in the short term.
Can I create multiple accounts?
Can I transfer my account?
Can i remove my account?
Can i hide my account?


Why does KeyPact create folders itself?
KeyPact wants to develop as a file management system. This includes a flow that unburdens you and takes work off your hands. For this reason, KeyPact itself creates folders for incoming and outgoing files, photos and videos.
Why do you have an in- and outbox?
So that you always have an overview of where files are. The inbox and outbox are linked to your connections. This way you can always easily find all your files, photos and videos.
Can i move files?
You can move files within your inbox or outbox. You can create new folders and place files there.
Can I delete files?


Is Basic really free?
The basic version of KeyPact is and will remain free. We believe everyone has the right to securely share files, photos and videos.
How do I pay for the subscription?
You can pay via Paypal and a credit card. In the short term it is also possible to pay via crypto coins.
Do you prices include taxes?
Is KeyPact cheaper than competitors?
At KeyPact we are not concerned with the prices of others. We focus on safety and we can say that we are safer than others!
Can i get my money back?
No, you can cancel your subscription at any time. The period for which you paid is then the last period that you have a subscription.
Which currency can I pay with?
We accept payments via Paypal and your credit card. In the near future you can also pay with crypto coins.
How long will I be tied to my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. The period for which you paid is immediately your last period of your subscription. After this it is done.
Can I get an invoice?
You will automatically receive an invoice for your subscription.


Can we use existing data storage?
Yes, we can connect to any drive/storage solution. This can however decrease speed. Contact us for more information.
Can i use Google drive, iCloud or one Drive?
Yes, you can connect these to KeyPact. All data will be stored there instead. Contact us for more information.
Can KeyPact run on premises?
Yes, we can install and configure KeyPact on your premises. Contact us for more information.

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